Buy Lasix

Lasix - a diuretic remedy, which withdraws magnesium, potassium, calcium from body. Lasix effectively reduces blood pressure, left ventricle pressure, reduces preload. Lasix's diuretic action is shown after one hour and is increased (and then is lasting for abt 7-8 hours) during two hours to a maximum eventual effect. All this is achieving due its active component furosemide.

Use Indications:
- Edema syndrome (result of the kidney, liver failure or heart diseases, acute left ventricular failure, body burn disease;
- Forced diuresis;
- Complex hypertension's therapy.

Edema syndrome due chronic heart failure:
There is prescribed a start dose of 20-80 mg/day (taken into 2-3 receptions).
Edema syndrome due chronic renal failure:
Prescribed start daily Lasix's dose is 40-80 mg and it's taken once a day or in two receptions.
Arterial hypertension:
Lasix is used as well separately as combinated with other antihypertensives. Usual support dose is 20-40 mg/day. Treatment of hypertension (combinated with chronic insufficiency of kidney) may require higher Lasix's doses.