How To Protect Wood Floors


Luxury how to protect wood floors is the best choice Stocks on 1 stop dirt at the door grit stuck to the bottom of shoes is a finishkiller to keep from tracking it in place doormats at entries and tell people to take off their shoes, do you prefer wood flooring throughout the ground flooror even your entire house follow these steps to protect hardwood floors and keep the dent and scratchprone material looking its best, protect hardwood floors from furniture besides hardwood floor water damage scratches dents and discoloration from furniture is the most common type of damage to residential wood flooring, keeping your wood floors looking shiny there are several products theories and suggestions for how to care for your hardwood flooring from wood soaps and cleaners to waxes that you can buff on

Whats The Best Hardwood Floor Protectant Petes Tips

to protect laminate flooring attach felt or plastic protector pads to the bottom of your furniture legs so they dont scratch the floor if you have furniture with casters replace the plastic wheels with soft rubber ones which are less likely to damage the floor when you move the piece when you wash the floor avoid wet mopping since the water can seep underneath instead use a spay , the american hardwood information center in conjunction with the national wood flooring association suggest the following care and maintenance guidelines to keep hardwood floors looking beautiful today and for years to come heres how to begin


there are several things you should do to protect your wood floor from scuff marks and scratches although often forgotten it is very important to protect your furniture from scratching your wood floors, there exists various options when it comes to wooden floors including engineered wood and laminate flooring but solid hardwood flooring is 100 natural wood from top to bottom, this guide will help you prolong the life of your hardwood floors with tips on how to repair them from dents and scratches also learn how to properly clean and coat your floors, hardwood flooring is one of the best investments you can make in your home and while it is incredibly resilient many historic homes still have their original hardwood floorsthere are a few ways to ruin a wood floor

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